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Acquiring your Sponsor Licence provides access to a global talent pool, allowing you to source and recruit the best and most skilled candidates from anywhere in the world for your organisation.  

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How We Can Help Your Firm

How We Can Help Your Firm

Before we start the process of acquiring your sponsor licence, we’ll ensure your business qualifies and that your job offerings meet the Home Office’s criteria. We review your situation from every angle possible – no more worrying about eligibility checks.

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What Makes Rove Legal Your Ideal Partner?  

What Makes Rove Legal Your Ideal Partner?  

The Sponsor Licence scheme has seen numerous changes over the past few years, with the Home Office continually introducing new procedures to strengthen compliance. These changes have made the process of acquiring and maintaining your licence a legal minefield

A Truly Bespoke Support

We provide a one-to-one service, bypassing the typical bureaucracy found in larger firms.
From Sponsor Licence application to requesting CoS  (Certificate of Sponsorship) we are always accessible to ready to support you.

Proactive Advice

Whether you’re thinking about getting your sponsor licence or looking for support with CoS issuance, we’ll take a proactive approach and anticipate any potential issue that may need fixing before they become problems.

Expert Lawyers

We’re a law firm, not an immigration advisory, adhering to the highest standards of client care and ethics regulated by the SRA.
Your case will be managed by an experienced solicitor, not case workers or paralegals.

Our Process

3 Easy Steps to Your Visa

3 Easy Steps to Your Visa

Say goodbye to complicated immigration applications and compliance, endless documentation and looming deadlines. Unburden your HR with a dedicated senior partner as your immigration account manager. 

1. Assessing eligibility and suitability

Before preparing your application, we will make sure your business is eligible for a sponsor licence. We will also verify your job suitability by ensuring the roles offered meet all criteria stipulated by the Home Office.

2. Choosing a licence type

Which licence you apply for will depend on the immigration route your employees will be taking, and each licence type comes with its own complex rules and processes. Our lawyers will ensure you are applying for the right licence for your organisation’s requirements.

3. Making an application

Prior to applying, we can provide staff training on compliance duties and will help you designate the various sponsorship authorisation roles within your team. We will then help you gather the required documentation and assist with the completion of your online application, ensuring the best chance for approval.

Success Stories

Success Stories

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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sponsor Licence?

The exact processing time of your sponsor licence is deepened on a number of factors. However, you’ll often receive a decision from Home Office with 8 weeks of your application submission date. Bear in mind Home Office may decide to conduct a compliance visit prior to issuing of the licence decision. In that case expect your time frame to increase to up to 12 weeks. 

The processing time for your licence hinges on the type of worker you intend to sponsor. You have two main options:

  • Worker Licence: This allows you to sponsor individuals in various skilled roles for different durations.
  • Temporary Worker Licence: Designed for specific employment types, including volunteering and for roles in the creative or sporting industry.


Both licence categories offer further subcategories. If you need guidance in navigating these options, feel free to reach out for support.

Applications are made online via the Home Office website. All supporting documents and evidence must be submitted within five days of your initial application. Book your consultation with us here.