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Your legal responsibilities as a sponsor are complex. Our bespoke training and advisory services ensure you and your staff know exactly what your duties are as sponsors and provide helpful guidance in ensuring and maintaining compliance

Corporate Immigration Training

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Elevate Your Compliance Game

Elevate Your Compliance Game

At Rove Legal, we understand that maintaining sponsorship compliance can sometimes be difficult to prioritise in busy work environments. However, failure to comply with your legal duties as a sponsor can have dire consequences, ranging from hefty fines to sponsor licence suspension, downgrading or revocation. 

Ensuring your HR team is well-versed in compliance protocols acts like an insurance policy against potential mistakes that could cost you dearly. It’s not only a matter of avoiding fines; it’s also about protecting your company’s reputation in the long run.

A Tailored Training Experience

Why opt for a one-size-fits-all training model when you can have a training programme tailored to your unique needs? Lexus Law offers bespoke training models that are in line with the latest Home Office requirements, making sure your HR team can tackle compliance issues head-on.

Overview of Sponsor Licences & the Skilled Worker Visa

Overview of Sponsor Licences & the Skilled Worker Visa

Global Talent Acquisition

Understanding Sponsor Licences and the Skilled Worker Visa isn’t just procedural; it’s strategic. Having a Sponsor Licence enables you to look beyond geographic limitations and recruit the best talent globally.

Strategic Immigration Advisory

 Our advisory services include insights into different visa categories and their corresponding benefits, providing you with a roadmap to build a world-class team.

Proactive Compliance Insight

The landscape of sponsorship licences is ever-changing. Rove Legal stays ahead of these changes and provides you with timely advice, so you can make informed decisions without second-guessing.


Performing Correct Right-to-Work Checks

Performing Correct Right-to-Work Checks

Say goodbye to complicated immigration applications and compliance, endless documentation and looming deadlines. Unburden your HR with a dedicated senior partner as your immigration account manager. 

Getting It Right, Every Time

Correct right-to-work checks are not just a formality; they’re a necessity.

Avoiding the Pitfalls

Even minor oversights can lead to hefty fines, and Lexus Law is here to help you avoid these common pitfalls. Our comprehensive guides and checklists are designed to ensure that you’re always in compliance.

Empowering Your Team

The strength of your compliance strategy is as good as the people implementing it. Rove Legal can train your team in conducting meticulous right-to-work checks, thus building a robust defence against any compliance issues.


Essential HR Processes

Essential HR Processes

Your HR processes are the cornerstone of your compliance strategy. From keeping accurate records to capturing paid and unpaid absences, our advisory services help you create a fool-proof HR system. This not only facilitates compliance but also streamlines your internal operations.

Assigning Key Roles
Assigning key roles is critical to the function and success of your operations, making the selection process vital. A title is one thing; fulfilling the responsibilities that come with it is another. Rove Legal provides a crystal-clear understanding of the roles mandated by the Home Office and the criteria for selecting suitable personnel for these critical positions.

|Furthermore, our training for key personnel ensures that everyone knows what they’re responsible for, thereby facilitating smoother operations.

Updating Information
Updating company information might seem like a mundane task, but its implications are anything but. Here’s why it’s crucial:

Timely updates can save you headaches later down the line. Failure to update could trigger a Home Office investigation or even a suspension of your licence. Rove Legal equips you with the procedures and tools to keep your information current. 


Renewing Your Licence

Renewing Your Licence

Renewal isn’t just about extending your licence; it’s about revalidating your commitment to adhering to the Home Office standards. Its also a great opportunity to review your processes and see if there have been any lapses or changes since you first obtained a licence and rectify those errors.

The renewal process often requires meticulous attention to detail and begins long before your existing licence expires. Rove Legal provides you with a clear timeline and checklist to ensure a smooth renewal process.

From gathering the necessary documentation to providing step-by-step guidance, Rove Legal acts as your dedicated partner in ensuring a hassle-free renewal, letting you focus on what you do best—running your business.

At Lexus Law, we understand that sponsorship compliance maintenance can often fall to the bottom of the priority list in busy work environments.

But failure to comply with your legal duties as a sponsor can have dire consequences, ranging from hefty fines to sponsor licence suspension, downgrading or revocation.

With the proper processes in place, you can increase efficiency while mitigating the risks associated with employing sponsored workers.

Our experienced immigration lawyers offer interactive training personalised to your organisational needs, giving you the ability to manage your sponsor compliance in-house.

Your Personalised Training Solution Could Include:
  • An employer’s introduction to immigration law

  • How to conduct thorough and accurate Right to Work checks

  • What events you need to report to the Home Office, including how and when to report

  • Top-up training to stay up to date with changes in UK immigration law
  • Understanding your record-keeping duties

Success Stories

Success Stories

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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Right-to-Work Check?

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that any individual you employ has the legal right to work in the UK. This check should be carried out on all potential employees, without discrimination based on race, nationality, or ethnicity.


A Right to Work check may involve reviewing the applicant’s original documents. In this situation you need to check the documents with the application present, make and retain copies, and note the date that the check was conducted. Alternatively, the candidate may provide a Right to Work share code which can easily be checked via the Home Office website.

Consistent, correct and properly recorded Right to Work checks provide you with a solid defence if faced with allegations of compliance breaches within your organisation. This form of defence is called a ‘statutory excuse’.

Sponsor organisations are required to report any changes to UKVI in a timely manner. This might be changes to the company’s circumstances, or to their employees’ immigration or employment status. Some changes must be reported within specified time limits, so it’s best to contact the Home Office or log changes via the SMS portal as soon as possible.


Changes you must report include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Changing company address
  • Reassigning the role of Authorising Officer
  • Opening or closing a branch in the UK or overseas
  • Your company becoming insolvent
  • Other significant changes to the company such as acquisitions, mergers and takeovers
  • An employee’s failure to start work on the agreed date
  • Extended absences of sponsored employees
  • Reducing the salary of a sponsored employee